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I typed in the name of a restaurant on the search page, but it's not coming up in the results. Why?

A number of issues can cause this, but most are an easy fix.

1) Double-check that you've entered the correct city. If so, try changing the default setting of “Search by Distance” to “Search by Town Only” or “Both.” (This will likely only work if in a large city.)

2) The spelling has to be exactly right when entering a restaurant name. Try entering a portion of the name (it doesn't have to be the beginning) and running the search again. (e.g. Try "Paul" or "rama" instead of "Pauls Burgerama" since the database may only recognize "Paul's Burga-rama").

3) The database is updated regularly but not instantaneously. If this is a new restaurant, feel free to "Report a Problem" and let us know.

4) The restaurant may simply not exist in the city you're searching. Check the restaurant's website.

Learn more about searching for restaurants


The results of my search aren't near the location I entered. Why?

1) Is everything spelled correctly?

2) Is the ZIP code correct?

3) Are the default search settings optimal? Distance searches start at the center of the city or zip code. You may also consider changing from the default setting of “Search by Distance” to "Search By Town Only" or "Both."

4) Did you search only by town and state? You may be getting the results of a similarly named location. Try entering a ZIP code.

5) Try the "Browse by Map" feature (to the right of the address bars). You can drag the map so the crosshairs are over your desired location. (Note: you must drag the map, not the crosshairs.)

For more detailes about search results visit the FAQ