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AllergyEats Founder Paul Antico Says “YES!” to Legislation for Stock Epinephrine in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently debating a bill (S.1220) that would make it the 17th state in the nation to allow…

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Auvi-Q is out!
The Auvi-Q is out! Can it replace the Epi-Pen?

Some of you may have heard the story already.  Twin boys (now men) set out 15 years ago to develop…

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State Food Allergy Laws Must Progress, Not Stand Still

I was very excited back in 2009 and 2010 when Massachusetts passed, and then put into effect, the first ever…

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AAFA & KFA merge – this is a big deal!

A game changer.  No doubt about it.  As a stock analyst and portfolio manager years ago, I was always wary…

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Why must restaurants post calorie counts, but not allergen lists?

As part of the massive health care reform act that President Obama signed into law early last year, restaurant chains…

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How would you define an allergy-friendly restaurant?

This is a follow-up to Wednesday’s post entitled, “Urgent request for support to help impact REAL, impending food allergy legislation!”…

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Urgent request for support to help impact REAL, impending food allergy legislation!

I am reaching out to the entire food allergy community with a great opportunity for us to have an impact…

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Food allergy law “absurd”?

One of my favorite food allergy bloggers, Kelly Rudnicki, recently wrote an insightful post on her blog, The Food Allergy…

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Massachusetts food allergy awareness law goes into effect… but is it enough?

Along with just about everyone else who cares about food allergies in America, I was very excited when Massachusetts became…

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Food allergies versus baby food! How do you solve this conundrum?

I read a fascinating article from the Star newspaper in Australia (no relation to the Star weekly up here in…

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How much are we worth? – The “Veto Vote”

In a prior blog entry entitled “USA Today survey suggests food allergy sufferers find socializing tricky,” I suggested that restaurateurs…

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Hawaii considering restaurant food allergy bill

Following in the footsteps of the Massachusetts landmark food allergy law and the recent ordinance in St. Paul, MN, the…

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