Reach the food allergy community in partnership with AllergyEats, the leading guide to allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide.

OVER 60 MILLION dining decisions are impacted by the 32 million Americans with food allergies

25% INCREASE in potential profit for restaurants that become allergy-friendly

40% more loyalty from food-allergic diners to their favorite restaurants than non-allergic diners

As a partner, your restaurants have the potential to:

Stand out with the loyal & vocal food allergy community

Win over the food-allergic diner’s “veto vote”

Boost customers, loyalty, sales, and profits

Partner Benefits


Partner Benefits Chart

  • Highlighted Listing In each user’s search results, highlighted restaurant listings are included at the top of the page and get roughly 25x the visibility of the average listing.
  • Brand Logo Your restaurant logo will be prominently placed on your AllergyEats restaurant listings, increasing their visibility to the user base.
  • Allergy Commitment Statement Share a unique food allergy and/or gluten free commitment statement and give greater comfort to diners more likely to choose your restaurant over the competition.
  • Menu / Information Links Add links to allergen lists, gluten-free menus, nutrition information, and more to your restaurant listings.
  • Interactive Allergen Menu Receive highlighted positioning for your interactive allergen menu in your restaurant listings. If you don’t already have a menu, we can help!
  • POSITIVE REVIEW TWEETSAll positive diner reviews of your restaurants posted on AllergyEats are automatically tweeted from @allergyeats and include your Twitter handle and the popular #foodallergy.
  • Use of AllergyEats LogoAuthorization to include AllergyEats logo in digital and print marketing materials and other media (subject to certain basic restrictions).
  • “Rate Our Restaurant” Cards AllergyEats will provide your restaurants with rating cards and other tools that can be given to food-allergic guests to help drive diner reviews.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT AND MONITORINGAllergyEats consistently monitors food allergy feeds on social media and will alert you of any concerning buzz about your brand, as well as promote your restaurants where appropriate.
  • Specialty Icons We’ll display the logos of any food allergy or gluten-free training program or certification you’ve completed.

Our Partners


  1. $12.95 per unit
    per month
  2. Food-allergic individuals have the “veto vote” when determining where their entire party will dine out. Allow us to help them find your restaurants and the profit opportunity will be significant – at a very minimal cost. At just $12.95 per unit per month (with significant volume discounts), only 1 new party to your restaurant each month will yield a strong positive financial return!

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