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Welcome to Food For Thought, the companion blog to the AllergyEats restaurant guide. Here we add more color to the picture – whether we’re talking about restaurants, travel, legislation, personal stories, or anything else related to food allergies.  We hope you’ll share your own comments and be a part of the converseation, too.  Enjoy!

You Asked. We Listened. Re-introducing AllergyEats!

Finding food allergy-friendly restaurants is easier than ever! For almost six years, AllergyEats has been a labor of love for…

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10 Ten Allergy Friendly Chains
Top 10 Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains List Published by AllergyEats

BOSTON, MA (February 23, 2015) – AllergyEats, the leading guide to allergy-friendly restaurants in the United States, has just released…

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Dairy Allergy Cookbook Author and Blogger Shares Dining Out Experiences

Food editors and bloggers are well-respected in the food allergy community. They help us create tasty allergen-free meals for our…

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Are Food Allergy-Friendly/Gluten Free Menus Lulling You Into a False Sense of Security?

As readers of the AllergyEats Blog and other members of our community are surely aware, food allergies have skyrocketed in…

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Hyatt Hotels Address Allergy Concerns
Hyatt Hotel Eases the Concerns of an AllergyEats Community Member

[This AllergyEats Blog post was submitted by an AllergyEats community member who has requested to remain anonymous.]   My youngest,…

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AllergyEats Founder Paul Antico Says “YES!” to Legislation for Stock Epinephrine in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently debating a bill (S.1220) that would make it the 17th state in the nation to allow…

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Teens Dining Out with Allergies
Teens, Food Allergies & Dining Out (Without You?!)

Each “phase” of being a food allergy parent comes with unique challenges. At first, it’s all about figuring out what…

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Gluten Free and More Author Alicia Woodward
Talking to Alicia Woodward, Editor of Gluten Free & More

Whether you’ve had food allergies for years or are newly diagnosed, dining out with food allergies and intolerances requires a plan.…

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Win $25 Gift Card
Dine With a Winner: $25 Gift Card Giveaway to P.F. Chang’s

Recently, we published our annual list of the highest rated chain restaurants in the U.S. based on feedback from the…

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Dishing With One Dish Cuisine: The #1 Rated Independent Restaurant on AllergyEats

One Dish Cuisine Allergy-Friendly Food (image courtesy of One Dish Cuisine)  Maureen Burke had health problems her whole life, including severe…

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Allergy Conference
Dining Out with Food Allergies: Tips for Restaurateurs from the 2014 AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference

The AllergyEats team recently held an educational event, the AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs & Food Service Professionals, in…

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