How does Six Flags Great America in Chicago measure up?


AllergyEats friend Ann shared with me her experience at Six Flags Great America and was nice enough to then take the time to write it all out so the entire AllergyEats community could benefit from it!  Thank you Ann!


Before we began our visit, I researched whether or not it made sense for us to get the meal plan at Great America – given our food allergies – so I thought I would share.  We will still ask to see labels and take our normal precautions by showing our restaurant card and asking for clean utensils, hands, etc… This list just gives us a starting place of items that may be safe.


At most dining areas the foods are the same throughout the park with the exception of Johnny Rockets (which serves PB & Js).  They fry with soybean, canola and palm oils (no nut oils).  These items are all nut-free from the other food vendors: Fry Oil, French Fries, Beef Patties, Bratwurst, Hot Dogs (Hebrew National), Chicken (mostly Tysons), Turkey Drumsticks, Italian Roast Beef, BBQ Ribs, Pretzels, Instant Potatoes, regular Popcorn and Pizzas.

** They removed all the nut roasting booths a few years ago but, on 4th of July just before dark, they bring out peanut covered caramel apples on carts and sell them at Hometown Square and around the front entrance.


JB’s BBQ: Turkey Leg with French Fries
Country Fair Grill: Chicken Strips Platter with Fries
Maw & Paw’s Trail Grub: Hot Dog Platter with French Fries, Turkey Leg with French Fries, Chicken Strips Platter with Fries
Mooseburger Lodge: It’s not on the meal plan, but the kids chicken nugget meal was safe if you ask them to sub the pudding for an extra apple sauce
Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta: ONLY the “standard” pasta and sauce.  Ask to have a fresh batch of pasta made with a clean pot and utensils.  The portions are enough to easily split three ways!
Great American Hot Dog: Hot Dog Platter with French Fries, Chicken Strips Platter with Fries
Waterin’ Hole: Chicken Strips Platter with Fries
Beachcombers Chicken: Hot Dog with Fries, Chicken Strips Platter (There are very long wait times and I did not fully trust that they were able to make a safe meal due to the craziness.  We typically stop by County Fair and get food before going into the water park)

** The hamburger buns contain dairy.  We were told that the hot dog buns were safe but they switched vendors and they are no longer dairy free.
** The popcorn contains Soy but no other top 8 allergens!

The meal plan that I referenced is for lunch and dinner every visit.  It is $59.99 and you receive 2 vouchers per plan per visit.  I plan to maybe buy one meal plan to share and continue to bring in safe foods from home.  Anyone can bring in bottled water and fresh fruits and veggies.  With food allergies, you may bring in anything you would like.

Also, ALWAYS ask for a manager to prepare your meal fresh with clean utensils, new gloves and clean pots and pans. For anything that needs to be grilled, ask that they grill it in a pan lined with aluminum foil.  If it is grilled, verify that the oil has only been used for safe items.  The managers seem to be well versed on food allergies but, I have had one or two that seemed uncomfortable with providing a safe meal.  We simply walked away and went to another vendor.  We have also made a point to get to know the managers and praise them for their diligence and when given an opportunity to complete a survey, we have done so with praises and as much detail as possible.  Every feedback goes right back to the restaurant that was reviewed.

In addition to safe foods, you can get a “medical pass for rides”. You still have to wait the same amount of time for each ride but, you do not have to stand in the line.  We definitely get this from the guest relations office for each visit.  It takes the stress out of airborne reactions and being stuck in line or worrying about the kids leaning on and touching the railings.  We also check in with first aid and leave our back up meds and portable nebulizer when we go to the water park.  They know us well and often give the kids Flavorice popsicles and let us use their super clean bathroom.  When our daughter was younger, we had her wear gloves to prevent reactions.  Then, two years ago we got an allergy alert service dog and took him with us.  He did not alert to much and when he did there was almost always evidence on the ground (crumbs, wrappers, etc… ).  We no longer feel the need to use gloves or our service dog at the park.  We do however carry lots of wet wipes to wipe down hands and clean tables.

Hope this helps : )


Again, thank you Ann for sharing such great detailed information with us!


After I read this, I was reminded of my family’s more “questionable” experience at Six Flags New England two years ago.  I wrote a blog entry about it which you can reference here: Six Flags food service – another thrill ride?  As you can tell by the title, we didn’t have quite the same positive experience as Ann’s in Chicago.

What about your experiences at a Six Flags?  Have they been positive or negative?  What stands out most in your mind?  Any suggestions you’d like to add to what Ann has written?  Please share your thoughts by clicking on Comments or Reply below.  (And feel free to throw Ann some props for writing such a comprehensive piece to help us all!)

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    I am chaperoning my daughters senior band trip saturday Six flags Great America and am allergic to nuts and soy. any suggestions?


    Recently I just took my two children, who have multiple food allergies, to Six Flags in Gurnee, Il. I was allowed to bring in food for the allergy children (the security guard that checked my bag did comment that he thought that was a lot of food for the kids, two sandwiches each, some fruit and carrots). I had to get a sticker for my backpack allowing the food. During the day, I inquired alt least six times at different locations what the ingredients were in the pretzels (these are often dairy free and would work for one of my kids), but none of the locations knew the ingredients. Even when one server took the time to call the ‘head kitchen’, they could not provide the food ingredients. I would advice individuals with food allergies to be aware that the Six Flags located in Gurnee, Il. is not ‘allergy friendly’ regarding the food that they serve.

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