Nation’s Restaurant News poll on accommodating food-allergic guests

Nation’s Restaurant News magazine had a very quick survey in one of their daily emails last week that I thought was interesting and worth sharing here.

The question they asked restaurants was “How do you accommodate food-allergic guests?”

Here are the 4 answers:
71% We expect diners to let us know when they have food allergies
13% Servers ask individual patrons about allergies
13% We include allergen information on the menu
3% All of the ingredients on our menu are listed on the restaurant’s website

As more and more restaurants go the way of Legal Sea Foods and others (I’ve heard reports of PF Chang’s doing the same) in proactively asking diners about allergies or intolerances, I hope that a similar poll in the future would show greater percentages in the middle two answers.

Comments? Click on Leave a Reply or Comments below. And please visit the main AllergyEats site ( to rate your dining experiences. Both positive and negative ratings should incent more restaurants to increase their level of allergy-friendliness as they see how they are perceived by our large and growing food-allergic community and realize our potential spending power (including those who dine with us!).


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