AllergyEats doubles number of menus on site to over 450,000 and adds enhanced search results

AllergyEats Doubles The Number of Menus Available on Its Site & App

Adds Enhanced Search Results

AllergyEats, The Most Comprehensive Source for Finding Allergy-Friendly Restaurants,

Provides More Information & Increased Value for Food Allergy Community

BOSTON, MA (July 23, 2012) – AllergyEats (, the biggest and most comprehensive source for finding allergy-friendly restaurants, has partnered with SinglePlatform, the world’s leading provider of menus, to double the number of restaurant menus available on the AllergyEats website and smartphone app.  Now, AllergyEats users will have access to more than 450,000 restaurant menus, plus other information specific to allergy-friendly, gluten-free and other special dietary needs.

The addition of these new menus will be a further compliment to the core peer-based AllergyEats allergy-friendliness ratings, which indicate how well restaurants accommodate food-allergic diners.  The AllergyEats site and app also include links to restaurants’ websites, ingredient lists, allergen information and more, helping the food allergy community make more informed choices about which restaurants to visit and which to avoid.

AllergyEats has also added a “Most Recommended” section in its “Find a Restaurant” search results to spotlight restaurants that have received the highest number of positive, peer-based, allergy-friendliness ratings on the site.  Now, it’s easier than ever for visitors to quickly see which restaurants have been especially accommodating to food-allergic guests.

“We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience and make AllergyEats more valuable for the food allergy community.  By partnering with SinglePlatform, we’ve doubled the number of online menus available on the AllergyEats site.  The new menus, combined with the AllergyEats peer-based ratings system and other relevant information – like restaurants’ websites, allergen lists and food allergy certifications – means food-allergic diners have a ‘one stop shop’ where they can easily research restaurants across the country,” said Paul Antico, Founder of AllergyEats, food allergy advocate and father of three food-allergic children.

“We’re very excited about the partnership with AllergyEats. At SinglePlatform, we want to help the world find restaurants that match their tastes and preferences and AllergyEats, which caters to diners with food allergies, helps consumers easily accomplish this,” said Wiley Cerilli, CEO of SinglePlatform.

“In addition to the increase in ancillary features, the number of user-driven restaurant ratings has been steadily growing over the past two years, making AllergyEats an even more valuable tool for the food allergy and gluten free community.  These ratings allow diners to see at-a-glance which restaurants have been better able to accommodate food-allergic customers, and which have been unable to successfully do so,” Antico continued.

AllergyEats, a free website and smartphone app, provides valuable, peer-based ratings and feedback about how well (or poorly) restaurants have accommodated food-allergic customers, allowing the food allergy community to make more informed decisions about where to dine.  AllergyEats lists well over 575,000 restaurants nationwide, which food-allergic diners can rate.  The site also offers information on restaurants’ menus (including gluten-free menus), allergen lists, nutrition information, certifications, web links, directions and more.

AllergyEats helps families with food allergies reduce the guesswork – and the anxiety – surrounding dining out with food allergies.  The peer-based ratings and review site lets people see at-a-glance which restaurants have been more willing and better able to accommodate special dietary requirements – and which have not.

Most restaurant review sites include information about establishments’ food, ambiance or service, but AllergyEats is singularly focused on food allergies, with peer reviews spotlighting where people with food allergies or intolerances have more comfortably eaten and where they’ve encountered challenges.

AllergyEats has been endorsed by highly-respected food, health and allergy organizations and individuals, including the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Gluten Intolerance Group, Massachusetts Restaurant Association, Chef Ming Tsai, Chef Joel Schaefer and more.   And AllergyEats was recently selected as the 2012 Readers’ Choice Award winner for best Food Allergy App.  (AllergyEats was also a finalist for the competition’s Best Food Allergy Online Support category.)  For more information, please go to

SinglePlatform is focused on building tools for local businesses and helping digital publishers by bringing local storefronts online.  SinglePlatform was founded in 2010 on the premise that local businesses do not have the time and resources to manage the ever-changing digital landscape of online publishers, review sites, city guides, mobile applications and more.  Named by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as one of “America’s Most Promising Startups of 2011,” SinglePlatform’s free API allows publishers to integrate more than half a million menus from local businesses.  Visit for more information.


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