New feature on AllergyEats!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.  And sometimes you say “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that until now.”

So, better late than never, AllergyEats has added a “Refer a Friend” feature on the home page and all other pages.  (Click here to visit the home page.)

All you have to do is click the “Invite” box in the upper righthand corner, enter your name, enter your friend’s name and email address, and click Submit.  Your friend will receive a gentle invite suggesting that he or she might be interested in visiting AllergyEats.  That’s it.  We won’t save information or spam your friends in any way.

So why is that big news?

How often have you said, “I’ve got to remember to tell so-and-so about… whatever” and later forgot?  Happens most of the time for almost all of us. Therefore, by adding this little box, we’re helping remind users to tell their friends and acquaintances who deal with food allergies or intolerance about AllergyEats.

And since the power and value of AllergyEats is driven by the total number of users (which drives the number of ratings), any method of helping our users tell as many people as possible benefits all of us!

Please go to the main AllergyEats site ( and use this feature.  And while there, please remember to rate any restaurants you’ve dined at recently.


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