Best Allergy Sites endorses AllergyEats

Premier Food Allergy Directory Endorses AllergyEats

BOSTON (March 3, 2010) – The nation’s foremost directory of food allergy websites today announced its endorsement of AllergyEats (, a new website that helps people with food allergies find restaurants where they can comfortably dine.

Ruth LovettSmith, founder of Best Allergy Sites (, said she is impressed that AllergyEats combines an exhaustive database of over 600,000 restaurants with peer-to-peer reviews of specific dining sites.

“I think AllergyEats is definitely a good resource for the food allergy community,” LovettSmith said. “And as more people add their ratings and comments, it will just increase in value.”

Paul Antico, founder of AllergyEats, said the endorsement from an established, well respected website like Best Allergy Sites gives his startup credibility.

“Best Allergy Sites is well known in the food allergy community for its honesty and integrity,” Antico said. “Through the creation and constant refinement of this one-stop shop to the best of the web for those with food allergies, Ruth has shown a tremendous passion and dedication towards this community.”

Best Allergy Sites serves as an allergy hub and portal into the allergy community and strives to be the first and only resource allergy sufferers need to manage their allergies on a day to day basis.

AllergyEats combines the best of Internet technology with peer-to-peer information to help people know in advance how well (or poorly) a restaurant responds to people with food allergies and other food intolerances, such as Celiac Disease.


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