Welcome to Food For Thought, the companion blog to the AllergyEats restaurant guide. Here we add more color to the picture – whether we’re talking about restaurants, travel, legislation, personal stories, or anything else related to food allergies.  We hope you’ll share your own comments and be a part of the conversation, too.  Enjoy!

Meet Chef Joel Schaefer, pioneer of Disney World food allergy initiatives

[this AllergyEats Blog post written by Adrienne Walkowiak] I was very happy to connect recently with Joel J. Schaefer, CCC,…

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An interview with Uno Chicago Grill about accommodating food-allergic diners

I remember when “Pizzeria Uno” was a new restaurant concept.  I couldn’t get enough of their delicious Chicago deep dish…

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An interview with Julia Bradsher, CEO of FAAN

I recently had the opportunity to interview Julia Bradsher, Chief Executive Officer of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), to discuss a…

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Eye-opening statistics from the National Restaurant Association food allergy webinar

Two weeks ago, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) held a webinar entitled, “Food Allergies Are Nothing to Sneeze At.” (…

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