Welcome to Food For Thought, the companion blog to the AllergyEats restaurant guide. Here we add more color to the picture – whether we’re talking about restaurants, travel, legislation, personal stories, or anything else related to food allergies.  We hope you’ll share your own comments and be a part of the conversation, too.  Enjoy!

Food allergies and cruises

Can Food-Allergic Diners Go on Cruises? Our members have come through again! Given that AllergyEats is designed to be a…

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How the Ritz-Carlton made one little girl feel very special

A friend of mine was sharing with me a wonderful experience she had at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL with…

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Going to Hershey Park with dairy, egg, or other food allergies? Are you serious?!?

Last week, I read a food allergy message board where a woman was wondering if she could take her dairy…

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Baseball Stadiums becoming a hit with new gluten-free options and allergy-friendly promotions

“Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack?” I don’t think so. “Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie?” Gluten-free please. Judging from…

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Disney is the gold standard for serving kids with food allergies

Parents who have been dealing with a child’s food allergies for a while and who take big family trips probably…

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AllergyEats is ready to serve those coming to the Boston Marathon

Food Allergy-Friendly Dining, Just In Time for the Boston Marathon! On Monday, April 19th, 25,000 athletes will attempt to run…

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