Epi Autoinjector Supply Worsening: Get Back-to-School Supply

This past week saw some very important announcements indicating that the supply of epinephrine autoinjectors in the US is NOT improving, as previously hoped, and has actually taken a turn for the worse. Paul Antico, CEO of AllergyEats, provides the details and “evidence” in this short video.

Epi Autoinjector Supply Worsening:


Paul references 3 documents in his video, linked here, if you’d like more details about the situation:

Bottom-line: AllergyEats STRONGLY recommends that parents of food-allergic, school-aged children start procuring supply of autoinjectors immediately!


    Frank Corrales Jr.

    Thank you very much for the info.

    Laura Rodman

    Absolutely agree! Have had issues getting script filled all summer. Have relayed my difficulties with my son’s allergist who is just livid! She’s expressed her concern and outrage to her reps. Reps have claimed issues have been resolved. Then why is my pharmacy telling me a month to get in? Sometimes they tell me no idea when they’ll get some. Another time told every few days they get 1 or 2.
    My experience is different chain pharmacies tell different stories or no have no reason at all why they have no supply and actually have waiting lists to get an epi-pen. I’ve been successful at Walgreens on a waitlist for 1 week , unable to get at CVS entirely. My local pharmacy had many in stock but doesn’t take my health insurance so thank you no. And why can this independent pharmacy get them ?Also Walgreens locations varied but were very helpful calling around to find the shortest waiting list. I live in metro west Boston and am very scared for my child and all people who rely on having an epi pen with them. These pens expire , we need back ups , multiple pens are preferred for every person. Any wait time is unacceptable. I feel like there’s more behind the shortage than people are being told and why isn’t this making headline news? Something’s rotten in big Pharma. Again.

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