Freedom to Dine restaurant reviews now listed on AllergyEats

Freedom to Dine and AllergyEats have come to an agreement whereby Freedom to Dine’s restaurant reviews are now being listed on AllergyEats.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Freedom to Dine (, it is a website devoted to “Restaurant reviews and experiences for those living gluten and allergen free.”  Since launching in March 2009, Freedom to Dine has posted comments on roughly 150 restaurants and bakeries.  All of Freedom to Dine’s past and current restaurant (and chain) reviews can now be found on the Details & Comments page of the appropriate AllergyEats ( restaurant listing.

I am excited about this new partnership.  AllergyEats users now have another source of quality information to complement the existing allergy-friendliness ratings, user comments, menus, allergen lists, certifications, etc.  I believe this partnership with Freedom to Dine further increases the value of AllergyEats for our food allergy and intolerance community.

Please visit Freedom to Dine to learn more about their reviews.

And please keep visiting AllergyEats.  While we’re off to a great start (see prior blog post for more information), we continue to need your restaurant ratings.  AllergyEats is still a mere 3 months old and has a long way to grow.  Each new rating increases the usefulness of AllergyEats for all of us.


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