Gluten-free-friendly Stone Hearth Pizza joins the AllergyEats Great Gift Card Giveaway

AllergyEats is proud to announce that Stone Hearth Pizza, a gluten-free-friendly Massachusetts pizza chain has joined the AllergyEats Great Gift Card Giveaway.

Prominent on their web page is the phrase: “At Stone Hearth, GF stands for good food, good friends, good fun and now GLUTEN FREE (GF).”  That, combined with the fact that they contacted us to join in our giveaway, demonstrates their commitment to the community.  I can tell you from my conversations with them that they take great pride in the quality of their gluten-free pizza.  And their chain-wide AllergyEats rating?  4.7/5.0!  Excellent!

shadesong wrote a nice review about Stone Harth’s Cambridge, MA unit on AllergyEats: “Stone Hearth can do almost all of their pizzas gluten-free, not just the ones marked GF! They also have great GF desserts.”  Jody added this about the Belmont, MA unit: “They have gluten free pizza and they only use rice flour to prevent sticking for ALL their pizzas so there is no flour in the air. Also they are very good with peanut allergies as well.”  And phgood summed up his thoughts about the Needham, MA unit simply enough: “Great tasting gluten-free pizza.”

The AllergyEats Great Gift Card Giveaway is a weekly contest which offers $20-50 allergy-friendly restaurant gift cards each to multiple winning participants.  Now in its 10th week, each contest starts on a Wednesday morning with a deadline to enter by the following Tuesday at noon.  Each week’s entry criteria is a little different , but always simple.  Please visit the giveaway web site at or click the “ad” on the AllergyEats home page.

Speaking of the AllergyEats home page, please visit it at and rate any restaurants you’ve recently dined at.  Rating a restaurant is as simple as answering 3 multiple choice questions, and takes under a minute.  However, every time a member rates a restaurant, the value of AllergyEats as a tool for the food allergy and intolerance community increases.



    You should note that Stone Hearth recently changed its GF pizza dough, and NOT for the better.

    With the new recipe, the dough is tougher, the flavor is weird, and it leaves almost a metallic taste in your mouth. Very disappointing, and we don’t go there anymore.

    Kathryn Camgemi

    CraigT, we, too, were disappointed with Stone Hearth’s change of pizza crust and told them so. They ended up changing it again after receiving our specific feedback (ban the tapioca flour!!!) more complaints and, in my humble opinion, it’s even better than the first version. I encourage you to try it again and see. 🙂

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