NEW Food Allergy City Guide for Washington, D.C.

AllergyEats D.C.AllergyEats Releases AllergyEats D.C.

For those venturing out to eat again and in anticipation of more localized summer travel, this new city-specific guide allows AllergyEats users an easy way to find allergy-friendly restaurants in Washington, D.C.

BOSTON –  AllergyEats, the leading peer-review restaurant guide for food-allergic diners, is pleased to announce the release of “AllergyEats D.C.”, a designated guide to help diners find the most allergy-friendly restaurants in Washington D.C. With more diners looking for allergy-friendly take out and dining options during this unprecedented time, this new guide is useful for both D.C. area residents and those looking for more localized travel options. The third in a series of popular destination-specific travel guides, AllergyEats D.C. joins previously released AllergyEats Disney World and AllergyEats NYC, offering users well researched resources when they are able to travel again.

While AllergyEats users can already search for restaurant reviews in D.C. (and every other city or town in America), this city-specific resource divides the District into four popular tourist regions, allowing visitors to plan their food allergy dining choices more quickly and easily.

“While most of us are limiting travel and dining out these days due to COVID-19, if Washington, D.C. is on your list for future travel, more localized summer travel, or if you are a resident of the area, our D.C. guide will be a welcome resource as you seek allergy-friendly dining options,” said Paul Antico, Founder and CEO of AllergyEats. “Together with our comprehensive D.C. travel blog, our goal was to make the city more accessible and friendly to the food allergy community by highlighting restaurants that consistently rate highly for food allergy-friendliness along with a more targeted geographic focus. It can be daunting to dine out with food allergies in an unfamiliar city without first-hand knowledge of which restaurants might be more accommodating. With this guide, we hope to remove that challenge.”

What makes AllergyEats D.C. especially helpful is a unique map feature that pinpoints the most allergy-friendly restaurants by four popular sections in the District (Upper Northwest, Georgetown, Downtown, and Capitol Hill/NE/SE) while also highlighting the most popular landmarks in each.  It also allows users to find and rate any restaurant in each given area of the District using the traditional AllergyEats list option and is fully accessible on both the AllergyEats website and app.

“As a native Washingtonian, it is great to have a resource that maps the highest-rated allergy-friendly restaurants along with DC’s tourist spots,” said AllergyEats user and Geographer Adrienne K. Kramer, Ph.D. “When I travel, I usually start by looking at a map to orient myself and identify attractions I will visit. With this type of resource, I can also find restaurants where others have more safely eaten, thus reducing the time it takes and anxiety it causes to find a meal in an unfamiliar place. If every city had a guide like this, I would spend less time fretting over where I can find a meal and instead have more time to explore.”

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