P.F. Chang’s China Bistro launches expanded gluten-free menu

Customized Menu is Here!

Today, P.F. Chang’s further committed to addressing the needs of gluten-free diners by expanding their gluten-free menu offerings, including beef entrees for the first time. The company’s official press release is attached here. “P.F. Chang’s is sensitive to all of the food allergies and dining requirements of our guests and we strive to serve customized cuisine that meets each diner’s individual needs.”

The new gluten-free menu is now available for viewing next to every P.F. Chang’s listing nationwide on AllergyEats (www.allergyeats.com). AllergyEats currently has direct links to the gluten-free menus available online for the top 150 chains in America and some independent restaurants as well. AllergyEats also has links to nutrition information, allergen lists, industry certifications, and other available information. We are committed to dramatically expanding our breadth of listings in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what diners think of the expanded gluten-free menu at P.F. Chang’s (or the gluten-free menus elsewhere, of course). If you have a chance to try it out, please help the rest of the gluten-free community by sharing your experience at AllergyEats. Rating a restaurant only involves answering 3 questions and takes less than 1 minute.


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