Wouldn’t a Super Bowl Ad Do Wonders For Our Community?!

Friends of AllergyEats, we need your help!

We have been given the opportunity to enter a contest for small businesses where the winner will earn a FREE 30 SECOND SUPER BOWL AD!

This is a very basic contest.  Individuals interested in supporting a contestant simply follow a link to go to that business’s contest page and click the “Vote For Us” button on that site.  That’s it!  It literally takes less than 15 seconds!  Each individual can vote once per day.  Round one of this contest ends September 22.

I’m sure there will be many, many small businesses vying for this opportunity, so AllergyEats desperately needs to gather the support of our great food allergy community to win.

Think for a second what this would mean to AllergyEats and to the food allergy community as a whole.

The awareness of AllergyEats would skyrocket by multiples of its current level overnight.  That would drive a ton of traffic from food-allergic families who never heard of AllergyEats before.  In turn, AllergyEats would see a tremendous surge in membership and in restaurant ratings!  Thus, the value of AllergyEats for the entire food allergy community would increase exponentially… and that’s before we start turning on new features we have in the pipeline!

But an AllergyEats Super Bowl ad would also benefit the food allergy community as a whole.  We all know that there are too many individuals who are unfamiliar with food allergies or who doubt their existence.  A Super Bowl ad would bring the legitimacy of food allergies in front of the largest television audience in America.  And mass market awareness is certainly the first step to the greater acceptance that we all want.

So my appeal to you is multi-fold:

  • Please go to the following link and vote for AllergyEats: https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/ma/AllergyEats/374753
  • Please share this link with any food allergy groups you happen to belong to, including social media, and consider adding it to your personal pages as well.  If other friends are willing to share the link, please encourage them to do so.
  • Please vote for us every day (everyone is entitled to one per day) right up until the September 22 Round 1 deadline.  Again, please encourage others as well.
  • Lastly, please consider allowing us to send you a very simple email every day until 9/22 to remind you to vote!  We won’t keep these emails afterwards or use them for any other purpose.  Please send your email to contact@allergyeats.com to be on this list.  Ask others if we can add their email addresses as well.

Thank you for your consideration of this support for both AllergyEats and the broader food allergy community.

Once again, to vote please go to https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/ma/AllergyEats/374753

To join our daily email reminder list, please send your email address to contact@allergyeats.com

Thank you for your support!




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