Welcome to Food For Thought, the companion blog to the AllergyEats restaurant guide. Here we add more color to the picture – whether we’re talking about restaurants, travel, legislation, personal stories, or anything else related to food allergies.  We hope you’ll share your own comments and be a part of the conversation, too.  Enjoy!

How far can a restaurant go to be allergy-friendly? Ask Clyde’s

I was so impressed with the details in this article from Restaurants & Institutions magazine that I felt the need…

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Peanut shells on the floor no more

What a Difference 18 Years Makes I was reading about Outback Steakhouse and their gluten-free menu the other day when…

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How good is Legal Sea Foods at handling food allergies?

Let’s Look at The Facts When discussing which restaurants are the best at handling food allergies, two answers routinely come…

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P.F. Chang’s China Bistro launches expanded gluten-free menu

Customized Menu is Here! Today, P.F. Chang’s further committed to addressing the needs of gluten-free diners by expanding their gluten-free…

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Burger King releases gluten-sensitive list

NEW Gluten- Sensitive List at Burger King On January 5, Burger King added a Gluten-Sensitive List to its website. (To…

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